Translated by Angelika Gundlach


2F / 2M

"Either I kill you, or you kill me, or we break up, or we just go on" – this is Katarina's laconic assessment of her long-term relationship with Frank. And as the two, who hate each other with a vengeance but can't be without each other, don't want to spent another evening alone together in their upscale apartment, they invite the couple next door over. The stylish digs become the setting for a merciless psychological battle. "Norén is the grand master of dialogue. The banalities of his worn out everyday locutions are so cleverly interwoven... that they give voice to the unspoken aggressions, with their most delicate shades.” (Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung)

"A spooky play about love. Or rather: The loss of it.» (Süddeutsche Zeitung)

World premiere
28.4.1984 Stockholms Stadsteater (Director: Carsten Brandt)

German language premiere
21.11.1984 Schauspielhaus Bochum (Director: Claus Peymann)

Other premieres
Bulgarian premiere 09.06.2021 Ensoo Association at Azaryan Theatre, Sofia (Translator: Lyubomir Gizdov, Director: Kristin Sharkov)
Catalan premiere 30.11.2006 Sala Beckett, Barcelona (Translator: Amanda Monjonell, Director: Lurdes Barba)
Czech premiere Fall 2006 Divadlo Brno (Translator: Zbyněk Černík)
Dutch premiere De Queeste, Hasselt September 2011 (Translator: Karst Woudstra)
Estonian premiere 19.09.2014 Vanemuine Theatre, Artu (Translator: Ülev Aaloe, Director: Andres Noormets)
Greek premiere November 2010, Kodikas Ensemble, Theater Helios, Athens (Translator: Panos Papageorgopoulos, Director: Panos Papageorgopoulos)
Hungarian language premiere 19.10.2023 Kolozsvári Állami Magyar Színház, Cluj, Romania (Translator: Bence Patat, Director: Nuno Cardoso)
Mexican premiere June 2002 Teatro El Galeon, Mexico City (Translator: Cesar Jaime)
Portuguese premiere 02.04.1997 Lisboa: Teatro do Bairro Alto (Translator: Luisa Costa Gomes, Director: José Wallenstein)
Romanian premiere 10.05.2009 Teatrul de Nord Satu-Mare (Translator: Carmen Vioreanu, Director: Ovidiu Caita)
Russian premiere 19.12.2015 Lensovet St. Petersburg Academic Theatre, (Translator: Alexandra Polivanova, Director: Denis Husnijarov)
Uruguay premiere March 2014 "La Morena", Centro Cultural Tractatus, Montevideo (Translator: Francisco J. Uriz, Director: Marianella Morena)

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