«Sweetheart, we have to talk» - it's a phrase that leads straight to hell. Daisy (30), Donna (40), and Dagmar (50) are the living proof. Suddenly catapulted out of their relationships which seemed happy and fulfilling they find themselves all alone. Bewildered, they recap: where he said it, how he said it, when the shock went away and the anger began. Whether it's better to kill him or herself. What she did wrong, when he might return, and how to survive until then. With great verve the three women throw themselves into their misfortune, like into a new and unknown element. A small competition ensues: since one's own tragedy is by nature the very worst, the own loss always the biggest and the own pain incomparable with that of others. «Abandoned is a tirade, a rant against loneliness, it is deeply sad, as there doesn't seem to exist a way out, and occasionally comical in its grandiosity, because of an unbelievable excess of the self-stylization as a ‹victim› - An anthropological constant: the lover caught in the fangs of loquaciousness keep touching their wounds with words. What they don't know - this won't be of much help.» (Theater heute)

World premiere
06.06.2009 Düsseldorfer Schauspielhaus (Director: Daniela Löffner)


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