Und jetzt: die Welt!

And Now: The World! Or, The So-Called Outside Means Nothing To Me

Or, The So-Called Outside Means Nothing To Me

(Und jetzt: die Welt!)


variable casting, min. 1F

They are smart, well educated and live in precarious circumstances, since none of the many internships they do makes money. They sell home made drugs on the Internet, they write fashion blogs and boost the market value of their own bodies in gyms, although they despise the market. They communicate via Skype, text, chat or phone and still can't help the feeling of overwhelming solitude. In Sibylle Berg's "text for one and several voices", a young woman takes stock of her life thus far: member of a brutal girl's gang once, it's now peaceful yoga, where there was once petting clumsily in summer camp, it's now gender questions and «sex» and «love» projects with men and women, once highflying idealism, now pragmatism. Desire and longing only happens in movies, family is a grouping one puts together, and the outside world lurches forever, making demands and setting up role models one can never be.

Mercilessly and yet with great tenderness, Sibylle Berg draws a portrait of four women in their early twenties who - torn between aggression, and apathy, between take off and serenity - are unsure what they should be fighting for, and who even meet the word «we» with justified skepticism.

World premiere
23.11.2013 Maxim Gorki Theater, Berlin / junges theater basel (Director: Sebastian Nübling)

Chinese: 此刻:世界! (Translator: Yang Zhijun)
Czech: A teď: svět! (Translator: Jitka Jílková)
Czech premiere 6.5.15 Divadlo X10, Prag (Director: Ewa Zembok)
Danish Og nu: verden! (Translator: Simon Boberg)
Danish premiere 20.2.16 Husets Teater Kopenhagen (Director: Liv Helm)
English: And now: the world! (Translator: Ben Knight)
Finnish: Ja nyt: Maailma! (Translator: Jukka-Pekka Pajunen)
Greek Translator: Gregory Liakopoulos
Greek premiere Feb. 2020 National Theatre Athens (Director: Helen Efthimiou)
Norwegian (Translator: Elisabeth Beanca Halvorsen)
Norwegian premiere 05.09.2016 Oslo Nye Teater
Portuguese: E agora: o mundo! (Translator: Camilo Schaden)
Spanish: Y ahora: el mundo! (Translator: Francisco Diaz Solar)

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