Terminal 7

Terminal 7

(Terminal 7)

Translated by Angelika Gundlach


3F / 3M

This one-act play is a segment taken from a body of work which will consist eventually of eleven parts. Terminal 7 comes across as the essence of Norén's big family epics from the 80's, reduced here to their essentials. Like in a time-lapse mode, the action condenses to dreamlike hallucinations of whole stretches of life. Characters appear simultaneously in different age phases, meet themselves as strangers, have physical encounters with their memories, with mother's long dying in the centre, as well as the familial and small-town constrictions which can not be shaken, despite all attempts to escape.

World premiere
29.01.2006 Riksteatern, Stockholm (Director: Lars Norén)

Deutschsprachige Erstaufführung: frei

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