variable casting, min. 2 actors

Sam, a performance artist from New York, has himself locked in a cage for one year. A self-experimentation with total reduction and isolation, which also betrays a radical inexorability towards himself. Sam’s performance follows the strictest rules: no talking, no reading, no writing; the same food every day, the same visitor at the same time. Thus, he creates no piece, nothing that will outlast the time spent. After a year in the cage, Sam will find himself unable to overcome these self-given rules – the inner restrictions seem to be more enduring than the outer prison.

Inspired by Tehching Hsieh’s One-year performances, Katarina Schmitt describes how art can become a dungeon – and a parable for the prison of body and time, from which we can’t escape, not even through an act of art.

"World premiere
März 2012, Hessisches Staatstheater Wiesbaden (Director: Tilman Gersch)

Czech (Translator: Viktorie Knotková)
Czech premiere 27.04.2012 Komorni divadlo Prague
English (Translator: Andrew Haydon)
Finnish (Translator: Simo Lyly)

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