Young Audiences

min. 6 actors

Age recommendation


Luca broke Luis's nose with an iron rod. After gym class. Or maybe not. Was there even a rod? Perhaps Luis struck first? Anyway, Luca towered threateningly over Luis. Or comforted him. Or handed him tissues. When the ambulance arrived, Luca was already gone. Since then, the class has been trying to make sense of what actually happened. Everyone has something to contribute, telling, speculating, and correcting. Haven't Luis and Luca been best friends since elementary school? And didn't Luis always support Luca when someone addressed Luca as a boy, even though Luca is neither a boy nor a girl? Was everything okay between them before gym class? And during the field trip? What does Alessia have to do with the whole thing? And what did Luca want to announce at the party recently, and who stopped them from doing so?

«Until the end, the actual events are withheld from us, and that's a good thing... The ability to distinguish between opinion and fact, to take a step back, to be skeptical of one's own expertise, is a fundamental requirement for democratic discourse. Lena Gorelik has implemented this outstandingly in her text, without right or wrong, good or bad, without victim or perpetrator.» (From the laudation of the Retzhofer Drama Prize jury)