Planet der Hasen

Planet Hare

(Planet der Hasen)

Young Audiences

2 actors

Age recommendation


Two hares are sitting by the pool. It’s lovely here, with heated water, air conditioning. Machines provide as much food as they want. And the swimwear is always in the latest fashions. There’s just one tiny little problem. According to scientists, the hares’ planet is going to explode in ten days. While one hare gets twitchy about their impending doom, the other decides to ignore it. It’s probably not even true, and even if it is there’s not much two hares will be able to do about it. Or maybe there is... Helped on by their audience, the hares start developing ideas about how they might be able to save their planet after all.

Tina Müller’s play for children about climate change plays through various scenarios and solutions without getting lost in technical details or disturbing nightmare scenarios. Planet Hare relates to the audience’s world and asks, What is beautiful? What do we want to save? And how can we work together to make that happen?

World premiere
17.02.2019 Stadttheater Bremerhaven (Director: Tanja Spinger)

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