Paul oder Im Frühling ging die Erde unter

Paul, or: The World Ended in Spring

(Paul oder Im Frühling ging die Erde unter)



Paul is an Everyman without any notable features and a loner by conviction. But now that contact to others is officially forbidden, he suddenly misses people. Out of the blue, memories pop up of when he was 15, living with his single mum, not keen on setting foot outside to meet friends - which he didn’t have anyway. But even back then, there was that one hot summer day when Paul just could not stay inside, alone with himself. Something had gone askew: mind frozen, body tingling, nothing seemed to fit anymore. So Paul took his bike and cycled through the hateful, overly bright city and ended up at a lake for swimming, where he could forget himself and time - until he realised that there was someone else besides him …

With great tenderness, Sibylle Berg’s monologue gives an account of that happy moment you find love for the first time: a sort of Brokeback Mountain in provincial Germany.

World premiere
27.08.2020 Kunstfest Weimar / Schauspiel Köln (Director: Ersan Mondtag / Benny Claessens)

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