München - Athen


(München - Athen)

Translated by Angelika Gundlach


1F /2M

David and Sarah have already traveled for a day, from Stockholm via Copenhagen and Hamburg, when they finally arrive at Munich's central station. Shortly before transferring to the train to Athens, David encounters an old lady, who engages him in conversation, accompanied by mysterious gestures of intimacy. This woman is his mother, he explains later to his girlfriend, although he is supposed to be an orphan. This leads to their first argument - and it won't be the last. Cooped up in the dirty compartment, their journey turns into a trip to hell, into an absurd reckoning between two conflicting lovers. Their argument is being disturbed or rather enforced by a diabolic train conductor.

World premiere 12.2.1986 Café Teatret, Kopenhagen (Director: Ulla Gottlieb)

Spanish language premiere Guindalera Teatrocentro Madrid, Januar 2008 (Translator: Frida Nordstrand, Director: Peter Böök)
English language premiere A million freds productions 2002/03 (Touring production, GB, Translator: Frank Perry)

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