Mir sagt ja keiner was
Mir sagt ja keiner was

Nobody tells me anything

(Mir sagt ja keiner was)


3F / 2M

It had been planned as a harmonious family get-together, where Marion and Wolfgang Plötzmann would tell their children that they were going to sell their house in the countryside and move to a retirement home. And then this: their son Tobias brings along his girlfriend Melanie, who is not only somewhat common but also pregnant. This means the end of Tobias’ long standing dream of going to Israel as a foreign correspondent. Their daughter Claudia, on the other hand, has left her boyfriend of many years and wants to have a child - on her own. Wolfgang cannot comprehend how his children can fail so thoroughly in life; Marion begins to reconsider her moving plans, given that there may be two grandchildren soon. And splits begin to show among the younger generation, too: Melanie sees the house as the ideal place to bring up her baby, Tobias would die rather than move out to the country. Claudia has no intention to move back into her parental home - but that doesn’t mean she is willing to let Melanie have it. The Plötzmann family is so involved in their squabbling - in the course of which, a nearly untouched New York cheesecake, a relationship and a very expensive sofa are destroyed - that they fail to realise that they have thoroughly underestimated Melanie.