Küss mich hinter Karstadt

Kiss Me Behind Tesco's

(Küss mich hinter Karstadt)


2F / 3M

For lack of anything more substantial, Alex and Max are selling conversations in front of a supermarket, or, at least, they are trying to. The demand for conversations is rather low. Stealing food is unsatisfying after a while, and living together in a card board box may be idyllic for a moment, but quickly becomes uncomfortable. When they both fall in love with Lia the cashier, Alex and Max break up completely. As Max tries desperately to turn his very last resources into money and ends up offering his entire identity for sale, Alex rejoins the bourgeoisie. He becomes branch manager in the same supermarket he used to steal from, and thus, Lia's boss. Fanned by air conditioning the characters have to realize, that both success and failure come at a price; and which of them is more expensive in the end, remains to be seen.

World premiere
02.05.2009 Theater Chemnitz (Director: Alexandra Wilke)

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