Hund, Frau, Mann

Dog, Woman, Man

(Hund, Frau, Mann)


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A dog narrates the odd behaviour between a man and woman who chain themselves to one another whilst barely being able to stand each other. At the very moment that they meet, the dog runs up and stays with them because he – like them -- has nothing to lose and he – like them -- is looking for protection. After a short period of devotion, human nature forces its way to the surface: love becomes possessiveness, closeness is swapped for mistrust and alienation. However, a break-up is out of the question. The couple’s energy-zapping everyday routine binds them together like a taut leash. This all seems very natural to the dog: “We dogs and human beings are alike in many ways, we deal with catastrophes similarly: we accept them.”

World premiere
29.09.2001 Theater Rampe, Stuttgart (Director: Stephan Bruckmeier)

Catalan Gos, dona, home (Translator: Albert Tola Pascual)
Catalan premiere 15.02.2011, Sala Beckett, Barcelona 
Croatian (Translators: Senka Sokolovic, Durda Skavic)
Croatian premiere 30.04.2004, Teatar Exit, Zagreb 
Dutch Hond, Vrouw, Man (Translators: Matthias Mooi, Wouter van Raansbeek)
Dutch premiere 06.12.2007, De Toneelschuur, Haarlem (Translators: Matthias Mooi, Wouter van Raansbeek)
English Dog, Woman, Man (Translator: Neil Blackadder)
French Chien, Femme, Homme (Translator: Pascal Paul-Harang)
Polish Pies, Kobieta, Mezczyzna (Translator: Karolina Bikont)
Polish premiere 14.02.2004 Teatr Dramatyczny, Walbrzych (Director: Marianne Wendt)
Serbian (Translator: Senka Sokolovic)
Serbian premiere 30.10.2003 Nationaltheater Belgrad (Director: Zijah Sokolovic)
Spanish El perro, la mujer, el hombre (Translator: Silvano Gómez)
Spanish language premiere 05.09.2013 Camarín de Las Musas, Buenos Aires (Director: Gonzalo Facundo López)
Turkish Köpek, Kadin, Erkek (Translator: Sibel Arslan Yeşilay)
Turkish premiere May 2006 State (National) Theater, Ankara

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