Habe ich dir eigentlich schon erzählt....

Have I Ever Told You...
A fairy tale for everyone

(Habe ich dir eigentlich schon erzählt....)

Young Audiences

Adapted by Andreas Erdmann


1F / 1M

Age recommendation


Max and Anna, 13, have decided to take off. In a rush, no definite destination, maybe Italy, or Greece. The main thing is to get out of the grey and stuffy GDR, which certainly can't be the best country in the world, away from their parents who won't talk to them. Until a few hours ago, they didn't even know each other. But then Anna's mother fell down drunk in the street, right in front of Max. Together Max and Anna carried her to bed, Max cooked spaghetti, and now they're at the on-ramp to the highway, "because it's winter, and everything is a pain in the neck... and still six years until the age of majority, can't fuckin take it". A truck stops, and Anna and Max are on their way to the Polish border. But the impromptu escape from institutionalized hopelessness is fraught with obstacles, and not just those of a practical nature: At first, Max and Anna are best friends, but then Anna meets handsome Igor, and suddenly, they have their first really big fight...

World premiere
02.10.2007 Deutsches Theater in Göttingen (Director: Katja Fillmann)

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