Fleisch ist mein Gemüse

Meat is my vegetable

(Fleisch ist mein Gemüse)

Adapted by Studio Braun


5F / 10M / smaller cast possible

Heinz grows up in a bourgeois settlement of suburban row houses, outside of Hamburg. He comes of age in the mid eighties, but still lives with his mother, still has acne, and still has not had sex. Because he can't decide to do anything, he ekes out a living with the only thing he can: be a musician. He becomes a saxophonist in the sleazy dance band "Tiffanys" and dives deep into the hollows of local villages, with all their drunken family celebrations and club reunions. Hits from the eighties and nineties become his constant companion - and so does alcohol.

"A small town boyhood with music": Strunk reveals the weaknesses, desires and potentials of a mediocre existence in a melancholic as well as comical way.

World premiere der Fassung
18.02.2012, Schauspielhaus Hamburg (Director: Studio Braun)

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