One Day Creatures


Translated by Angelika Gundlach


3F / 3M

A suite of rooms in a villa on an evening in August of 1986. A small group of former '68 hippies has gathered for a small party – well situated couples, disillusioned and disappointed by their lives, their abandoned hopes and dreams. Nostalgic memories are all that remains of Marxism, the social democratic president Palme is dead, the catastrophe of Chernobyl has occurred. There are no more attempts at discussion, interpersonal relationships are ruined from the start. Polylogically and without addressing anyone in particular, Mareike and David, Anna and Vilhelm, Henrik and Elizabeth indulge in narcissm and complacency, and therefore change becomes impossible.

World premiere
19.3.1989 Staatstheater Kassel (Director: Heinz Kreidl)

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