Ein Berg, viele

One Mountain, Many

(Ein Berg, viele)


2F / 4M

Once upon a time, in 18th century England, a geographer was racking his brains trying to understand why the course of the Niger River turns around a corner at a particular point. After months of agonising over the problem, he concluded that there must be a mountain range that determines the course of the river. He swiftly draws it onto a map of Africa, giving it the name “Kong”. A century later, another geographer notices that the “Kong Mountains” are merely the fantasy of a European who used his pen to draw the world a picture of Africa.

In a different time, a young European woman and a young African man meet at a place called “Kong Mountain”. The backdrop for their meeting includes the sea, Europe and the borders that, once drawn, retain their meaning centuries later. He’s waiting to finally reach Europe, the place of his dreams; she has left Europe behind in search of the “truth” about Africa. Here, where these two people meet, dreams and reality mingle like the flood waters of the present day and its tumultuous events. To stop themselves being pulled under, the two people cling to their stories about a world in which anything is possible.

World premiere
26.09.2020 Schauspiel Leipzig (Director: Pia Richter)

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