2F / 2M

The siblings Tanja, Strik and Friedrich, all in their early to mid-thirties, live in a high-rise – too high up thinks Tanja, who occasionally has a slight sensation of vertigo, especially in the current stifling heat. Their memories of their past are fading and they have cut themselves off from the outside world. Only occasionally, odd dreams disturb the night and sometimes creep into daytime. Suddenly, Ruth turns up at the door, the lost sister who disappeared without a trace before the real Friedrich died in his cot and was replaced by the present, adopted Friedrich. By coincidence, Ruth has evidently got to know this Friedrich, of all people. Like a photograph slowly appearing in the developing bath, what happened to Friedrich in the past and fundamentally changed the family slowly comes to light.

World premiere
17.2.2005, Landestheater Tübingen (Director: Gerald Gluth)

Spanish: Una fiebre de tres días

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