Die Nacht, in der der Chef geschlachtet wurde

The Night When the Boss Got Butchered

(Die Nacht, in der der Chef geschlachtet wurde)


2F / 5M

A comedy, demonstrating the latent potential for violence in the bourgeoisie. The bank employee Oskar Buksch, passed over for promotion again, has a restless night - real scenes in bed with his wife alternate with fragmented dreamlike visions of a power trip and supremacy, where Buksch acts as crime boss or dictator in exotic settings and seeks brutal revenge from the people in his everyday life. Kipphardt: "When I look at our reality, I am disconcerted by the thin varnish of a formal democracy, covering our longing for authority, and how a certain unease with our own existence brusquely expresses itself in an anti-democratic way.»

World premiere
13.5.1967 Staatstheater Stuttgart (Director: Peter Palitzsch)

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