Das Summen der Montagswürmer
Das Summen der Montagswürmer

The Hum of the Monday bugs

(Das Summen der Montagswürmer)


4F / 2M

Just another ordinary day in a German hospital: Four women, who could not be more different from each other, start their shift. One is a senior physician with 14-hour workdays, whose love for her profession is unshaken by the clinic’s frenzy. One is a cleaning lady, who has been breaking her back for 40 years and cannot accept that one day, this place will keep running without her help. One is a strict and experienced nurse approaching retirement, and one is a young hospital manager, a crusader for innovation and efficiency. Their shared routine comes undone one Monday morning, when an elderly man is admitted to the ER: A completely normal event unexpectedly tears open old wounds, which even the best doctor may not be able to mend…

World premiere
09.10.2013 Ballhaus Naunynstraße, Berlin (Director: Tuğsal Moğul)

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