Belgrader Hund

Belgrade Dog

(Belgrader Hund)


1F / 1M

A road trip from Stuttgart to Serbia. Bogdan and Liljana are going on vacation, but there is no vacation feeling. For one, their home country doesn't exist anymore. What still links them to it, and what they feel about that couldn't be more different. And even though they live in Germany for many years, they never have really settled there: while Liljana feels guilty to this day that she lives in a country that allowed the bombing of Belgrade, Bogdan does keep a high opinion of Serbia....

Belgrade Dog, written to be performed in a car, investigates in two extensive scenes that are framed by associative vignettes, the aftershocks which still resonate more than a decade after the end of the Jugoslav war, and far beyond country lines.

World premiere
26.10.2013 Staatstheater Stuttgart (Director: Stefan Pucher, Ko-Director: Tom Stromberg)

French: Chienne de Belgrad (Translator: Konstantin Hein)

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