Armes Ding

Poor Thing

(Armes Ding)


variable casting, min. 4 actors

A woman enters the newly constructed mosque and blows herself up. Her suicide bombing seemed to her a pre-emptive measure against the terrorism of supposedly radical Muslims. Another woman was married to a man, who was brutally mutilated during a rescue operation in a terrorist bombing. In newspaper interviews and talk shows the two profess their unconditional love for each other - in spite of all the pressure put on them by all the energy and money that goes into his time consuming care. A third woman has found her own solution to her economical problems: she runs a service where people pay to let others abuse them. She claims that this has a cathartic effect and makes the world a better place.

Using the subtitles "faith", "love" and "work", John Birke negotiates three types of personal sacrifice, which point to each other and create a perfidious portrait of society.

World premiere
30.11.2008 Münchner Kammerspiele (Director: Felicitas Brucker)

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