Als die Welt rückwärts gehen lernte

When the world learned to walk backwards

(Als die Welt rückwärts gehen lernte)

Young Audiences

variable casting

Age recommendation


Joshi likes to wear dresses. Because they look nice and because it feels nice when they swing about his legs. That doesn’t make him a girl, and he gets upset when others laugh at him. Mira’s teacher, on the other hand, has telephoned home three times already this week. Because Mira is great at handling a circular saw but can’t be bothered to play by rules that others make for her. For example, to be on time, to address the teacher properly, to go to the classroom when the bell rings. Who decided that this is how it all has to be and happen? What if there was another world? A world where everyone creates their own rules? All of a sudden, Joshi’s mother asks him to stay in bed in the morning, and Mira’s grandfather moves into the dog’s kennel. But that’s not all: things, too, are doing crazy stuff. The knickers demand to be worn on the head, the shoes nibble at the dog - and everyone except Joshi and Mira seems to find this completely normal. At first, it’s all very funny, but the two kids quickly agree: just being different doesn’t make it any better. So what to do when the world is turned upside down?

World premiere
13.01.2022 Pathos Theater München (Regie: Judith Huber)

Chinese (Taiwan, Translator: Yaching Lay)

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