Alpine Blessing



variable casting, min. 4 actors

“Föhn” is a meteorological phenomenon in Munich, where warm air, rushing down from the Alps, is forced into the city. There is an old superstition that this kind of weather not only causes headaches, but also attracts mythological characters and ghosts. Maybe the old landlady is attracting these ghosts, as each day she sets a table for the Lord Jesus and her late husband? After observing these strange goings-on, the family man retreats to the anonymity of his hotel room. It is here that he had absconded with his gay Italian lover, but he got cold feet during the illicit rendezvous in the big city. In the meantime, his son Max, sent by his mother to search for the renegade father, succumbs to the temptations of the dream-like city and strays from the straight and narrow. Eventually, his father will return to the safety of their village. But Max crosses over into this other world, and takes his seat at the landlady’s prepared table.

Alpsegen is a celebration of opposites: contemporary urbanity meets rustic lifestyle; mythical narrative meets prosaic reality checks. The past is not past, and the dead souls are well alive. Magical thinking puts pressure on reality, so that it finally may show itself.

World premiere
April 2011 Münchner Kammerspiele (Director: Sebastian Nübling)

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