Wir zwei

Us Two

(Wir zwei)

Young Audiences

2F / 2M

Age recommendation


Taxidermist Tobi and his daughter Leo live surrounded by stuffed animals. They’re a good team; they work together on new specimens, tell each other everything, invent their own games and laugh together. They’re enough for each other. Until one day soft rock singer Rudi turns up, bringing his ‹colleague› Claw to be repaired, and turns the harmonious father-daughter relationship upside down. He and Tobi fall in love, and are soon talking about moving in together – a plan Leo is not at all in favour of. She feels like the third wheel when Rudi’s around. He has an opinion on everything she does, especially her favourite animals – which sometimes take on a life of their own, although only she and Tobi can see it. She secretly sneaks back to their old house, where she spots a strange flashing light. When she tries to find out where it’s coming from, she suddenly comes face to face with a girl who, it turns out, is the source of the light. The two approach each other hesitantly, fascinated by each other. Although they could not be more different, they soon realise that they are united not only in their aloneness but also in their desire to be somewhere else and to leave all of this behind them.

Us Two tells a story – in places tender and melancholy, in others quirky and humorous – about a special father-daughter relationship, about loneliness, and about the search for friendship, closeness and someone to share all your dreams and ideas with.