Winter Journey



variable casting, min. 2 actors

A stranger to the world and to her own life, Elfriede Jelinek follows the footsteps of the wanderer in Franz Schubert’s Winterreise(Winter Journey). The trail begins in the madness of the immediate present (banking scandals and victims of abductions who drop, still prisoners, out of time), and leads, ever getting clearer, to stations in Jelinek’s own biography: the complicated relationship with her mother; her father being committed to a psychiatric facility; and eventually, Jelinek’s unsparing and ironic self-reckoning with her role as an author, “always grinding the same old song”.

Resembling a musical stretto, Winter Journey evokes – with impressive clarity and almost uncanny density – all the themes that have kept Elfriede Jelinek busy for all these years and decades. The result is one of her most personal and most touching pieces of work ever.

World premiere
04.02.2011 Münchner Kammerspiele (Director: Johan Simons)

Catalonian (Translator: Marc Villanueva Mir)
Catalan premiere 05.10.2022 Sala Beckett, Barcelona (Director: Magda Puyo)
Czech (Translator: Jitka Jilkova)
Danish (Translator: Karen-Maria Bille)
Danish premiere 27.02.2014 Aalborg Teater / Holland House, Kopenhagen (Director: Jacob F. Schokking)
French (Translators: Yasmin Hoffmann & Maryvonne Litaize)
Hungarian (Translator: Zoltan Halasi)
Italian (Translator: Roberta Cortese)
Norwegian (Translator: Oskar Vistdal)
Norwegian premiere 19.11.2021 Det Norske Teatret, Oslo (Director: Jonas Corell Petersen)
Polish (Translator: Karolina Bkont)
Polish premiere 22.03.2013 Teatr Powszechny, Lodz (Directors: Maja Kleczewska & Lukasz Chotkowski)
Portuguese (Translator: António Sousa Ribeiro)
Portuguese premiere 17.1.2020 Companhia Teatro de Almada /Teatro Municipal Joaquim Benite (Director: Nuno Carinhas)
Spanish (Translator: Marc Villanueva Mir)
Spanish language premiere 19.10.2023 Teatro de La Abadía, Madrid (Director: Magda Puyo)
Swedish (Translator: Maria Tellander)
Swedish premiere 21.11.15 Helsingborgs Stadsteatern (Director: Melanie Mederlind)
Slovak (Translator:Andrej Zmeček)
Slovak premiere September 2013, Mestske Divadlo Zilina (Director: Tomas Prochazka)

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