Was die Welle nahm

What the Wave Took

(Was die Welle nahm)

Young Audiences

min. 2F / 3M

Age recommendation


"I always thought that there are stories about fathers who are crazier than mine. But who else can say that their Dad was gay and disappeared in the Tsunami when he was on a vacation in Thailand with his lover? No one else has a Dad like that! Wants a Dad like that! No one!" It's nice to have adventures during your holidays. But what happens to Lukas is more than any imagination might have devised. He finds a letter from Kim, addressed to his mother, which was obviously supposed to be kept secret. But: Who is Kim? And how is he connected to his father's death? When Lukas decides to investigate, he soon is confronted with his own bias. When he tries to find a distraction, he meets Birol and gets involved in his shady business. He realizes that Birol acts without scruples, but he ignores it because he has fallen in love - with a young Kurdish woman, although he knows neither her language nor culture. But soon a tragic incident occurs which makes Lukas suddenly realize that responsibility has something to do with being proactive, and that a stranger can be closer than expected.