5F / 5M

Ronald Rupp, a teacher, is adored by his students. And despised by his colleagues. No one knows that Ronald suffers from manic depression. Although his last episode was ten years ago, he takes medication to manage the symptoms. But when Ronald is put under enormous pressure in his professional and private life, a process of dissolution begins. Ronald’s perceptions seem to break down, not least because people see him differently after finding out about his psychiatric instability.

«At no point does Thomas Melle describe this illness as a personal story of suffering. Instead, he interrogates the system in which it occurs ... Melle describes the dissolution of Ronald’s world with an oppressive relentlessness and a brand of humour inspired by his own personal experience.» (Der Tagesspiegel)

«On one hand, Melle tells the story of this downward spiral through a linear series of brief scenes ... Yet he also creates a second layer. Suddenly, the characters with whom Ronald interacts misspeak in unsettlingly rude ways. A sense of established reality fades, and not only for Ronald. Did the audience mishear? Something is wrong. But in which world? With whom?« (Theater heute)

«A text composed with extreme precision.» (Berliner Morgenpost)

World premiere
17.11.2017 Deutsches Theater Berlin (Director: Brit Bartkowiak)

Spanish: Traslado (Translator: Francisco Díaz Solar)

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