Verschwinden oder Die Nacht wird abgeschafft

Verschwinden oder Die Nacht wird abgeschafft


2F / 4M

The odor cannot be washed off. The odor of the old, who, having been pushed aside, die away slowly. Oed has to nurse them, and it is crushing him. His sister Lara, who is seeing Haimon, the son of the preeminent politician Heinz, wants to save him and is herself caught up in the thicket of opportunism, love and loyalty. When one of the old people who Oed cares for, dies through his fault, Heinz exploits this to rekindle his fading popularity with blazing moral appeals. Oed becomes the sacrificial pawn for a potentious morality. But as the ones in power celebrate their victory, resistance builds up, even in Heinz's own family. Inspired by the basic storyline of the mythos of Antigone, Gerhild Steinbuch translates the question about the relationship and limits of power and morality, justice and humanity in a society that cannot bear the idea of getting old.

World premiere
10.10.2007 Schauspielhaus Graz / dem steirischen herbst (Director: Roger Vontobel)

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