Unerwartete Rückkehr

Unerwartete Rückkehr


2F / 2M

An observation deck in the foothills of the alps. Stefan, an older Gentleman, uses his binoculars to view the valley, down there, in the vacation home, his wife Ingrid and Leonie, his lover, are busy with the housework. A slightly younger Gentleman, Clemens, steps up to him, asking for directions, and Stefan recognizes him as the former lover of his wife. When Clemens was involved with Ingrid twenty years ago, Stefan was a distant but eager observer. Stefan sucks up the lives of others, he doesn't have one of his own. He has been taking revenge on his wife for the last twenty years, he makes her scrub the vacation house while he puts nail polish on Leonie's toes. Now he has belatedly taken a prisoner in the war of love: His old rival Clemens will stay with them for a few days at the chalet. Clemens had totally forgotten about Ingrid. Now, seeing her again, he samples once more the taste of the old conquests, an aged predator turned into a vulture. In the end the couples are rearranged. Clemens and Leonie let themselves be immured in a tower by Stefan and Ingrid - supposedly according to an old Sudanese custom. But this variation on a potential Liebestod reveals itself to be a test for all, which only Ingrid passes by setting the two, who are begging for help, free in the last minute, and leaving Stefan for good.

World premiere
09.03.2002 Berliner Ensemble (Director: Luc Bondy)

Selected translations
English: Unexpected Return
Spanish: Regreso inesperado

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