2F /2M

The open ward of a psychiatric hospital. In the armchairs of the smokers’ room, in front of the TV and next to the ashtray, sit Ruth, Robbi, recently Anna as well, and sometimes Gwerder. They sit there every day. They talk so that it is not too quiet and as casually as possible. Now and again, scraps of memories force their way to the surface of the conversation and drift past, ignored. It is almost unpleasant when someone tries to hold onto them or asks a question. Someone like Anna, the new girl. It’s even worse when someone doesn’t say anything at all and just sits there, shivering and smoking. Someone like Gwerder, one of the permanent patients. Anna starts talking to Gwerder. Eventually, he even answers her. They smoke together, but then Gwerder suddenly disappears and doesn’t come back. And then Anna disappears too, but definitely not with him.

World premiere
9.10.2003 Schlachthaus Theater Bern (Director: Beatrix Bühler)

Estonian: Segased (Translator: Maia Merlaine)
Spanish: Arañas (Translators: Maja Schnellmann / Pedro Altamirano)
Spanish language premiere 15.4.2013, "Conjuro Teatro" / Teatro El Granjero, Mexiko-City (Director: Dana Stella Aguilar)

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