variable casting, min. 15 actors

This play “pursues the question as to why the Second World War was a tragedy despite its necessity – also a tragedy for the victors, a tragedy for the victorious Churchill. It focusses on two issues: the bombing campaign and the English-Polish involvement. Using Poland as a reason to go to war, England forged a coalition of the giants who won the war. But Poland did not fit into this coalition and had to be sacrificed … Whether Churchill really did have Sikorski (the leader of the Polish exile government in London) murdered seems almost trivial in comparison. What Churchill did to Poland has gone down in history. … Whoever wants war to go to certain ends has to use the necessary means and thus carries guilt.” (Sebastian Haffner).

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World premiere
9.10.1967 Freie Volksbühne, Berlin (Director: Hans Schweikart)

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