Sissy Murnau - Folge 3

Sissy Murnau – A Theatre Series

(Sissy Murnau - Folge 3)


3F / 1M

David Gieselmann’s remarkable script transposes the TV serial format to the theatre. The eponymous main character is Sissy Murnau, who, despite not even appearing during the first two episodes, is the focus of attention for all the other characters. She is a friend, co-worker, competitor, and is desired, envied and loved by many. But it seems far from clear if she herself can experience love. Instead, she is inspired both by self-belief and Nara, a mysterious place that represents a transformed approach to life. While Sissy Murnau’s disappearance is of concern to a growing number of people, the longing for Nara spreads like a virus. Partnerships threaten to collapse, journeys are undertaken into the unknown, characters lose one another while some even lose touch with reality. By the end of Series One, however, almost everyone is reunited and has their feet planted firmly on the ground once more. But what would a TV series be without a cliff-hanger? A larger question looms: can the newly rediscovered sense of unity be permanent given the diverse attitudes to life and love among the characters?

«If you pass up on this blockbuster, you’re missing out. The first episode will get you hooked. One reason is the subtle script that not only shows a deep knowledge of human beings but is also laugh-out-loud funny.» (Neue Westfalische) «A declaration of love both to the TV serial and the theatre.» (Westfalen-Blatt)

World premiere
17.09.2016 Theater Bielefeld (Director: Christian Schlüter)

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