Singles à la carte

Singles, à la Carte

(Singles à la carte)


3F / 2M

Four single people have been chosen by the algorithm of an online dating agency to meet up at a special dinner. Chic, worldly Elin is an air stewardess at an up-market airline; Tim-Ulf is a silver-back of the business world used to being obeyed; fun-loving Lotte tries to get the party started the moment she arrives; while Yoda, the host, is evidently overwhelmed by the whole situation. What was supposed to be a relaxed evening with an easy-going atmosphere quickly mutates into a circus show of vanities, with those involved ruthlessly marking out their territory, snapping at rivals and conniving to pair off others so that they can get their claws into the person they want. Yet the arrival of the heavily pregnant Annalena causes confusion, as no one was expecting an additional guest. One of the five people has conned their way into the dinner – but who? Why does Yoda’s flat exude a distinctly feminine air even though he’s supposed to be single? When Lotte, whose mindlessly good mood has evaporated over the course of the evening, brandishes a weapon and demands to know what’s really going on, we realise that truth is the first casualty in the bitterly fought wars for the next relationship.

World premiere
Unter dem Titel Botter bi de Fisch am 26.05.2019 Ohnsorg Theater, Hamburg (Director: Ayla Yeginer)

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