Sherlock Holmes und der Vampir von London

Sherlock Holmes and the London Vampire

(Sherlock Holmes und der Vampir von London)


1F / 6M or 2M / 2 Puppeteers

Vampires? Impossible. Sherlock Holmes doesn’t believe in such nonsense. But his most recent case tests his scepticism. In a Dominican cloister, a series of murdered monks is found with bite marks at their jugular, all having bled to death. Watson, being somewhat less level-headed than his mentor, takes some garlic, holy water and crucifixes with him, just in case. But he’d rather leave this place today than tomorrow. The uneasy atmosphere is not only due to the grizzly murders, though: Some strange and menacing figures roam the cloister, inmates of the mental asylum run by the monks that goes by the name “The Vault of Love”. While their investigation takes Holmes, Watson and Scotland Yard officer Scarlett deep into the darkest catacombs, it becomes apparent that the greatest danger for the master detective comes not from the undead but from his own, poorly buried past...

World premiere
13.01.2015 Theater der Jugend, Wien (Director: Thomas Birkmeir)

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