A loose adaptation of the novel by Jaroslav Hašek


Adapted by Leonhard Koppelmann


variable casting

Jaroslav Hašek meets Doctor Who: Peter Jordan’s meek but mischievous clown, the soldier Schwejk, embarks on a headlong rush through time. Mirroring Hašek’s original text, everything begins during the alarm of the First World War. But soon characters stumble into the story who don’t belong here. Schwejk meets the young Adolf Hitler and Xerxes, a talking mole and well-armed special forces. Cannons blast, bombs fall and Hašek’s satirical, picaresque novel is pushed by Jordan ever onward into an anarchic phantasmagoria of war, expanding on the wit of the original by using knowledge bitterly acquired in the 21st century.

World premiere
25.01.2019 Düsseldorfer Schauspielhaus (Director: Leonhard Koppelmann)

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