Nora, Hedda und ihre Schwestern
Nora, Hedda und ihre Schwestern

Nora, Hedda and Their Sisters

(Nora, Hedda und ihre Schwestern)

Adapted by Ulrike Syha


variable casting

While Nora attempts to break out of her doll’s house and Hedda is disappointed in her search for a partner of equal standing (both her husband and her lover fail to pass muster), Ellida finds herself confronting extremely powerful men. »[With] three strong female Ibsen characters, [this is a] re-configuring of works by a Nordic understander of women for our MeToo era that remains programmatically vocal while it coolly performs its dissection; [it is] possessed of powerful imagery and is gleefully sensuous and opinionated ... Overlaying and juxtaposing these three plays and comparing the power relations within the families, the intention here is to allow – and actively provoke – our realisation of the continuity of male oppression.» (Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung) «As it progresses, the story mirrors the hard-won and often endangered emancipation of women ... Ulrike Syha’s adaptation capably interweaves these three stories.» (Die deutsche Bühne)

World premiere
30.09.2018 Badisches Staatstheater Karlsruhe (Director: Anna Bergmann)

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