mein deutsches deutsches Land

My German German Country

(mein deutsches deutsches Land)


2F / 4M

2008: Three juveniles break away from the organized right-wing extremist scene and start their own underground cell in order to achieve their goals through their own actions.

2014: Within a very short time period, two foreign students are murdered. Despite obvious parallels, state security and federal investigators advise the police not to assume any connections between the killings, and especially not to assume any anti-immigrant background.

2020: An internal government investigation tries to establish whether there is really an ongoing series of murders, with 14 victims so far, and what missteps might have been taken during the investigation – despite widespread reforms of the security forces after similar experiences in the past.

Were the terrorists of the National Socialist Underground (NSU) really acting alone? Have our warning systems definitely been put on alert to avoid similar acts from happening again? In my German German country, Thomas Freyer projects the image of a future which learned little from its past. Educated through TV series like The Wire, he approaches these complex problems with a complex, yet extremely gripping narrative: In brief scenes which shine like spotlights and jump back and forth in time, he enters into a labyrinth of responsibilities and shows, in a large panoramic display, how history can repeat itself anytime.

World premiere
27.11.2014 Staatsschauspiel Dresden (Director: Tilmann Köhler)

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