2F / 2M

From the present, Botho Strauss looks back on a rather marginal story from the bible (1st book Moses, chapter 19) and uses it as a point of departure to investigate the intricacies of incest, the ban on and the desire for it which can be found throughout the whole process of civilization: Lot and his two daughters are the only survivors of the punishment God imposed on the sinful city of Sodom. The daughters, driven by lust as well as a mission to produce offspring for the world, seduce their father and become indeed pregnant by him... "The punch line of this little, tender play lies in the experiment with inbreeding and injustice ... the tone never becomes brash or colloquial, but is outrageous, like on one of the first days of creation... there always remains a wonderful blend of the outrageously distant and the audibly close.» (Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung)

World premiere
27.05.1999 Wiener Festwochen, Theater in der Josefstadt / Rabenhof (Director: Luc Bondy)

Selected translations
English: Lot Fantasy

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