Leichtes Spiel

Leichtes Spiel


variable casting, min. 5F / 1M

Kathie, Kattrin, Katharina - one and the same woman, or always a different one? Botho Strauß fans out her changing attitudes and temperaments in ten scenarios, situated in either a supermarket at the heart of the apocalypse, or a Kafkaesque financial institution, or under the glistening light of the moon. Each one revolves, in its own way, around loss and gain, confidence and credit, love as a business model in times of financial crisis, or love as eternally unsatisfied yearning. By and by, this creates a dense and hilarious web of relationships, with tripwires that let one fall into a bottomless pit.

"In ten stations, ten stages of life, this nine fold Katharina finds ... an awareness of herself, which had been just a transit station for ‘the man’ ... Those are not just nine Katharinas rolled into one. Those are nine pieces rolled into one. Nine life dramas, comedies of manners, romantic tragedies, economic farces, combined into one universal comedy, written with an infinite lightness and full-bodied airiness.» (Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung) "One of those increasingly rare examples of how political the means of theatre can be, simply by being precise, infatuated with each detail of language, obsessed with wordplay, addicted to grammar; by displaying, in excruciating exactness, the lows and highs of our everyday language, along with our routine fears and dreams.» (DeutschlandRadio)

World premiere
02.04.2009 Bayerisches Staatsschauspiel, München (Director: Dieter Dorn)

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