laß mich dein Leben leben!

Let Me Live Your Life! - Dirty Control II

(laß mich dein Leben leben!)


3F / 3M

The city has grown eyes, many eyes, and one should always keep in mind:

"You're on camera on average ten times a day, are you dressed for it?" The city has turned into a grindhouse, screening films non stop, where quantity is more important than quality. It is no accident that Joerg Albrecht blends mechanisms of modern surveillance with the rules for cheap horror movies, and calls it a "double feature". Part 1 ("Out of the picture!") follows six B- movie people on the set of a zombie flick as they discuss questions such as: is the new sharpness of digital video recordings dangerous and, in a way, a cleanup of the city? Part 2 ("The fire within me") shifts from the producer's point of view to that of the consumer. Six teenagers are watching a slasher movie on the big screen and find themselves in an oppressively realistic nightmare. The film's gory action transfers seamlessly into the auditorium, which is being monitored by video cameras. "Some movies follow you from the cinema into life" was the ominous announcement at the opening of the movie, as well as: "Those who love stories, will have to be fast enough to escape them".