Ich bin wie ihr, ich liebe Äpfel

I am like you, I love apples

(Ich bin wie ihr, ich liebe Äpfel)


3F / 1M

Three wives of dictators have gathered for a press conference on the occasion of the planned film version of their lives. An interpreter does his best to mediate – and, unwillingly, promotes a contest of monstrosity where even the slightest misunderstanding may result in fatal political controversy. And all the while the three ladies are retired. The husbands of Mrs. Margot and Mrs. Imelda are unpeacefully deceased, Mrs. Leila’s husband is being tried “before some grotesque Dutch court, for crimes against humanity”. They chat about parties at Stalin’s house, Mao kissing hands, and presents they received from Castro as if they were talking about some friendly neighbours. Even assassinations and revolutions are described casually, as if they were necessary evils. Although the course of time speaks a different language, the three refuse to adjust their clocks, and they decide unanimously that their life stories are just too magnificent to fit the format of a banal film; no other format than an opera could be the adequate medium.

“Theresia Walser has provided vivid characterizations of three infamous women as well as a provocative discussion of both the ideological underpinnings and banal everyday considerations of running a dictatorship. If I Love Apples refuses to paint its protagonists as arch villainesses, it doesn’t exonerate them either.” (The New York Times)

World premiere
12.01.2013 Nationaltheater Mannheim (Director: Burkhard C. Kosminski)

English I'm just like you, I love apples (Translator: Ingrid McGillis)
French (Translator: Hélène Mauler)
Greek Είμαι σαν εσάς, λατρεύω τα μήλα! (Translator: Sarantos Zervoulakos)
Greek premiere 02.10.2016 Avlaia, Salonica (Director: Sarants Zervoulakos)
Icelandic premiere January 2017, Theatre Reykjavik
Italian Sono come voi, amo le mele (Translator: Clelia Notarbartolo)
Italian premiere 09.06.2015 Theatre school Paolo Grassi, Casa delle Arti di Cernuso, Milano (Director: Martina Folena)
Norwegian Jeg er som dere, jeg elsker epler (Translator: Eivind Haugland)
Norwegian premiere 30.11.2013 Den Nationale Scene, Bergen // 23.09.2014 Oslo Nye Centralteatret (Director: Kim Bjarke)
Slovenian premiere Spring 2019 Ljubljana City Theatre (Director: Boris Ostan)
Spanish Soy como ustedes, me encantan las manzanas (Translators: Monika von Moldovanyi de Goyeneche)
Spanish language premiere 27.10.2018, Teatro del Contrajuego / La Caja de Fósforos, Caracas (Director: Ricardo Nortier)
Swedish Jag är som ni, jag älskar äpplen (Translator: Marc Matthiesen)
Swedish premiere 03.10.2015 Uppsala Stadsteater (Director: Sunil Munshi)

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