Herz der Finsternis

Herz der Finsternis

(Heart of Darkness)

Adaptation rights

Adapted by John von Düffel


2F / 5M

Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness is "something that cannot be: A completely realistic depiction of a journey, of the vastness of the forest and the beginnings of exploitation. And, simultaneously, it is a journey into a delusional state, into the abyss of the self, to the dark spots at the bottom of the soul.» (Frankfurter Rundschau)

"The hero returns from both journeys a terminally damaged man, back to a world where he can no longer be at home. In this allegory of almost biblical dimensions, the barbarically civilized world becomes an effigy of the individual and vice versa: in both cases an anchorless construction over a gaping abyss. Furthermore, the material has a painful, acute urgency.» (Berliner Zeitung).

John von Düffel’s adaptation was premiered in Deutsches Theatre Berlin in September 2009, and "condenses the script with a feeling for the appropriate tone" (Die Zeit).

"The trip into the foreign becomes a journey into our own unconscious. Categories which seemed so clear, like good and bad, black and white, wilderness and civilization, are dissolved.» (Spiegel Online)

World premiere
17.09.2009 Deutsches Theater Berlin, Director: Andreas Kriegenburg

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