Herr mit Sonnenbrille

Man with Sunglasses

(Herr mit Sonnenbrille)


2F / 2M / 1 more actor

A small village lies in the mountains, surrounded by a landscape that ranges from the dramatic to the picturesque. This used to be the home for a steel mill, but since the factory was shut down, the villagers have put all their hopes in tourism. Unfortunately, this does not work out in the way they thought it would. The tourists don't stay long – if they come at all. Every now and then, some unemployed man might jump to his death from a picturesque rock, and the village youth find nothing better and more useful to do but to have sex. But still, they all are proud of themselves. The town, the scenery, the community, and most of all, the tradition: all this gives them an identity which can’t be taken away from them. Breakout attempts are futile – where could they lead anyhow? But even so, He and She try to revolt against the ever unchanging We. It is a fight they can only lose: After all, they remain and meet themselves, an old, disaffected couple, whose future is nothing but a memory.

World premiere
20.02.2010 Schauspielhaus Wien (Director: Robert Borgmann)

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