Herr Kolpert

Mr. Kolpert

(Herr Kolpert)


2F / 3M

It’s a mistake to have guests over on the day of your first murder, says Ralf to his wife, Sarah. But at this point, Sarah’s work colleague Edith and her husband Bastian have already arrived and do not appear to be amused by the joke that the antique trunk in the stylish living room contains Mr. Kolpert’s body. Mr. Kolpert is Edith and Sarah’s boss, who Sarah and Ralf have slaughtered out of boredom. Edith and Bastian find the knocking that suddenly comes from inside the trunk even less funny – woodworms, says Ralf reassuringly. So everyone keeps on laughing politely and making laboured conversation until the evening gets completely out of control. «Gieselmann understands how to precisely sketch situations…the play follows a dramaturgy of calculated surprises, to the delight of the audience.» (Süddeutsche Zeitung).

«Comedy does not come much blacker or better than this.» (The Guardian).

World premiere
10.5.2000 Royal Court Theatre, London (Translator: David Tushingham; Director: Richard Wilson)

German language premiere
13.12.2000 Schaubühne am Lehniner Platz, Berlin (Director: Marius von Mayenburg und Wulf Twiehaus)

Italian premiere: 22.09.2000 Teatro della Limonaia, Florenz (Translator: Silvia Candida; Director: Ingo Kerkhof)
Finnish premiere: 02.11.2001 Stadttheater Turku (Translator: Jukka-Pekka Pajunen)
Greek premiere: 20.11.2001 Theater Tritä, Athen (Translator: Georgos Depastas; Director: Viky Georgiadou)
Swedish premiere: 02.02.2002 Borås Stadsteater (Translator: Ulf-Peter Hallberg; Director: Susanne Hallvares)
Australian premiere: 05.02.2002 Sydney Theatre Company (Director: Benedict Andrews)
French premiere: 12.11.2002 Comédie de Valence (Translator: Henri-Alex Baatsch; Director: Christophe Perton)
Czech premiere: 22.05.2003 Theater Na Zábradlí, Prag (Translator: Radka Denemarková; Director: Jirí Pokorný)
Danish premiere: 26.09.2003 Aarhus Teater (Translator: Nina Davidsen & Jens Bille; Director: Rune David Grue)
Slovak premiere: 01.12.2003 Arena Theater, Bratislava (Ü und Director: Marián Amsler)
Hungarian premiere: 15.04.2004 MU Színház, Budapest (Translator: András Forgách; Director: Edit Illés)
Irish premiere: 06.10.2004 Granary Theatre, Cork (Director: Brian Desmond)
New Zealand premiere: 01.12.2004 Silo Theatre, Auckland (Director: Shane Bosher)
Lithuanian premiere: 11.05.2005 Kaunas Drama Theater (Translator: Jurate Pieslyte; Director: Sakalas Uždavinys)
Russian premiere: 16.09.2005 Globus Theater Nowosibirsk (Translator: Leonard Buchow; Director: Roman Kozak)
US premiere: 14.01.2006 Odyssey Theatre, Los Angeles (Director: Scott Cummins)
Icelandic premiere: 28.10.2006, Leikfélag Akureyrar (Translator: Bjarni Jónsson íslenskaði; Director: Jón Páll Eyjólfsson)
Turkish premiere: 22.11.2008 National Theater Ankara (Translator: Sibel Arslan Yesilay; Director: Hakan Çimenser)
Bulgarian premiere: 16.04.2010 Sofia Theatre (Director: Kris Sharkov)
Israeli premiere: 25.05.2010 Tmu’na Theatre Tel Aviv (Translator: Eynat Baranovsky / Muli Shulman; Director: Muli Shulman)
Romanian premiere: 17.04.2011 Teatrul Andrei Muresanu, Sfantu Gheorghe (Translator: Sebastian Marina / Claudiu Mihaiu; Director: Cristian Ban)
Latvian premiere: 09.05.2012, Gertrudas ielas teatris (Translator: Inga Rozentale, Director: Karlis Krumins)
Brasilian premiere: 03.08.2012 Centru Municipal de Cultura, Porto Alegre (Translator: Marcos Barbosa)

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