Großer Wolf

Big Wolf

(Großer Wolf)



"Deserted is the land, it is war. The land has no towns and no countryside left, not even a name. Through this no-man's land roams a small, lost band: a group of children and adolescents, a 'band of warriors', where everyone - naturally - has only his warrior's name: the Knife, Prettyboy, Bandage, Clump... It's a children's tragedy, this wartime piece about the 'Big Wolf', a different kind of 'Spring Awakening' - in a wasteland, where spring doesn't exist. The world is deserted, the language ravaged. Mueller has discovered a strange, even unique mixture of children's German and killer jargon, a fighting language and an artistic language. Words like weapons, words like debris in a field of ruins... language that does not create emotions, does not explain anything; language that hits hard and bleeds.» (Die Zeit)

World premiere
7.3.1970 Münchner Kammerspiele (Director: Claus Peymann)

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