3F / 5M

When the usual strawberry yoghurt is not in the fridge for breakfast, the daily routine of Lothar Benz, a medium-sized manufacturer of medium-dense fibreboards, spirals out of control. From there, it is downhill all the way. An unknown young man is sitting at the breakfast table, claiming to be the new boyfriend of Susanne, daughter of Lothar and Cornelia Benz who is supposed to be focusing on her career as a singer. Then Rita and Reinhard Köster (best friends of the Benz family) turn up and announce their pending break up. It turns out that Reinhard has been having an affair with Cornelia for some time, that Cornelia suspects Lothar of infidelity, that Rita is having her way with Susanne’s would-be producer whilst it is rumoured that Susanne is having a relationship with her father, who is also speculated to be having wild orgies at work. What starts as missing strawberry yoghurt escalates ad infinitum, brought about by a private eye who is called in to shed some light on the matter but who only succeeds in casting greater shadows.

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World premiere
12.1.2003 Schauspiel Hannover (Director: Sabine Boss)

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