FaustIn and out

FaustIn and out


variable casting

FaustIn and Out is a «secondary drama» to Goethe’s original version of Faust, and it should only be performed in connection with this classic play. Jelinek radically shifts the perspective on Gretchen’s tragedy, and combines it with the case of the Austrian Joseph Fritzl, who kept his own daughter as a prisoner in his basement for years, fathering several children with her. «The pious but fallen maiden Margarethe, who killed her baby, who had been seduced and abandoned, and who ends up alone in the dungeon, waiting to be executed – this story takes a backseat to the apocalyptic vision of a union, where father, husband, creator, and god blend into one ‘all-sustaining, all-encompassing’ entity… FaustIn and Out raises its voice from the underground, but prefers the basement to being led away by Heinrich. It wants to be heard as well as to be ignored, wants to be present and absent at the same time. It’s a woman’s fate, turned into a play.» (Roland Koberg in the 2011 yearbook of Theater heute)

World premiere
09.03.2012 Schauspielhaus Zürich (Director: Dušan David Parizek)

Bulgarian (Translator: Vladko Murdarov)
French (Translators: Magali Jourdan and Mathilde Sobottke)
French language premiere 26.04.2022 École du Théâtre National du Strasbourg, France (Director: Ivan Marquez)
Italian (Translators: Marcello Soffritti / Elisa Balboni)
Swedish (Translator: Aimée Delblanc)
Swedish premiere 31.01.2014 Göteborgs Stadsteater (Director: Hilda Hellwig)

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