Familie auf Bestellung

I’m ordering a family

(Familie auf Bestellung)

Young Audiences

3F / 3M

Age recommendation


Lisa feels responsible for her mother’s death. And although she and her father Max really get along very well and cope amazingly with their new life just the two of them, she believes that her mere presence makes Max suffer because she keeps reminding him of the tragic loss. So she secretly decides to apply to a boarding school for highly intelligent students. Problem is: the headmistress announces a visit - and what will she think when she sees what background Lisa has? A single dad and a grandfather with dementia, that’ll cancel out even the highest IQ, she is sure of it. So she hires two actors to pretend they are her parents and to play-act the perfect family life. Unfortunately, those two aren’t very talented, and then Max shows up at home. In spite of Lisa’s improvisation skills, chaos ensues…

Turbulent, funny and with fine-tuned subtlety, Holger Schober writes about traditional family images, alternative life styles and the search for warmth, security and trust.

World premiere
30.11.2019 Junges Nationaltheater Mannheim (Director: Ulrike Stöck)

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