Falscher Hase

Mock Turtle

(Falscher Hase)


1F / 1M

Lisbeth Reimers gets a visit from her neighbour Reinhard Peters, a police officer. Or rather: The old lady has called the police, to complain about the noise in her apartment – noise that is not real. For two weeks now, she has been dialing 911, and her neighbor Peters has to check on her – on his own time. Is the old woman lonely, senile, or suicidal? Or rather: Mrs. Reimers only pretends to need those daily “visits”, out of concern for Mr. Peters. It appears that Mrs. Reimers knows a lot more about Mr. Peters’ boring life than he thinks. Or rather: Strange things are happening in Mrs. Reimers’ apartment. Has the policeman found evidence here? … What starts out as a casual chat by the apartment door, evolves into a highly entertaining, but otherwise existential fight for one’s own perception of reality.

World premiere
05.02.2011 Theater Bielefeld (Director: Christian Schlüter)

French Faux Lapin (Translators: Hélène Mauler / René Zahnd)
Turkish: Yalanci dolma (Translator: Sibel Arslan Yeşilay)

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