Ein Schluck Erde

Ein Schluck Erde


2F / 7M

«Everything passionate died a long time ago.» After a catastrophic flood, the ‘Knowing’ hold power over the ‘Kresten’ on a remote island. Food is scarce, and a mouthful of earth is a delicacy. The conflict between the two castes is especially reflected in the dry language of the ‘Knowing’ technocrats compared with the characteristic emotional vocabulary of the ‘Kresten’. Despite sanctions and punishments, the ‘Kresten’ are still capable of experiencing pity, contradiction and sensuality. The ‘Kresten’ Dräs and Hack are even able to convert the ‘Knowing’ Berlet and Simone using the ‘Möge’ (Kresten ‘commandments’) - an act which completely upsets the existing societal order. Böll’s first theatre play settles scores with existing structures of power, repression of - and contempt for - people and a scientifically conditioned aversion to passion.

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World premiere
22.12.1961 Düsseldorfer Schauspielhaus (Director: Karlheinz Stroux)

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